I did a lot of research before I found sn3000. I also reseached Rohan Hall, the owner before I made my decision to go with sn3000. I was able speak to Rohan about the full project concept. I liked that I was able to speak to the guy that runs the company. I really appreciate that he takes the time to speak to me as a client. I needed the ability to monetize. It was an added bonus because most of the web 2.0 companies don’t offer it off the bat. I’ve compared my website to other websites out there, and I have way more features than they do. Rohan Hall is a role model to me. Where he came from and how he grew up doing a little hard work.

Jonathan Colon - GenNextMusic

We follow the UDD Methodology!

  • We first focus on Understanding project requirements, flow, business model, design requirements. We provide project requirement documentation and management documents from this phase
  • We Develop the site design, user interface, admin interface and visual elements for the project. We code, integrate, test based on the project requirements to develop the project
  • We Deploy on servers with hosting, support to make the project live

Own the Code

Our custom projects provide the option to own the code and designs created for the project. This gives you full control and ownership of your project and site to sell in the future if you like. Here are some main points.


NDA – We provide a Nondisclosure agreement to protect your
idea for custom projects

Code Ownership – Your idea, your site, your intellectual property

Ongoing Support – We continue to support you for as long as
you like